AIRcable Long Range Specification

Technical Specifications

Industrial strength aluminum case

  • small size: 70mm x 57mm x 15mm
  • case mounting flanges
  • water proof available for some models
  • Operating temperature range -20ºC ... 50ºC

Power supply

  • universal 5V USB, battery charging (if supported)

USB Data Ports

  • Host XR: HCI compliant, recognized as standard Bluetooth H2 device.
  • SuperBeacon: SiLabs Virtual Serial Port (drivers)
  • 115200 bps, 8 bit, nonparity, 1 stop bits
  • DTR, DSR freely accessible
  • no hardware handshake

Bluetooth with external antenna

  • RP-SMA connector
  • omni and directional antenna
  • external antenna cable available

Bluetooth profiles

  • Host XR: operating system implements any profile
  • SuperBeacon: Bluetooth Low Energy
  • GATT Central and Peripheral
  • SPP over GATT
  • iBeacon, fully configureable
  • Eddystone URL, UDI and EID
  • CSRmesh, several models


  • Bluetooth certified (BQB QDID: B014357)
  • Bluetooth 5 (or 4.1)
  • FCC certifications: SQCAB5C1, SQCBLE1K
  • CE certification (pdf)


  • configureable output power
  • maximum output power: 20dBm
  • input sensitivity: - 103dBm
  • omni directional antennas: 3dBi included, omni up to 9dBi
  • directional: up to 18dBi FCC certified, 10km

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