Bluetooth Proximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing

What is Bluetooth Proximity Marketing? Well the name says it all.

Marketing to something or someone that is near you.

Basically a customer enters an area where there is something interesting for him/her. The smartphone in his pocket is configured to listen to certain offers he is interested in. When the smartphone recognizes an offer, the installed app wakes up and analyzes the offer to decide if it will alert his owner. The offer is shown on the screen.


Train Station Schedules: Suppose you are near a train station, and you want to know which trains are getting there in the next 30 minutes and where they go. Instead of asking someone or going into the station looking for a sign with a schedule, you just look at your smartphone with the app installed, and voilà you get the train schedule.

An offer can be just information about the area, an image, a coupon, a brochure, a video for example, pretty much anything. Of course there are a lot more of uses for this functionality like sending gift cards to customer at a restaurant, giving free music tracks at a rock concert, etc. As you can image possibilities are as vast as your imagination.

Technically it works by using beacons, the AIRcable SmartBeacon of course. A beacon is a small Bluetooth Smart transmitter that sends out a unique code periodically. On Apple's iOS platform, beacons use the iBeacon format so the iPhone can wake up, even when it is in the pocket. Android can use any beacon format, but the iBeacon format is the most generic.


We have partnered with proximity platform provider Apsima, to offer a complete proximity solution in conjunction with our AIRcable SmartBeacons. Using Apsima's versatility you can make full use of all the unique features of our SmartBeacon to build engaging proximity aware mobile apps and enhance your business.



Special Offer

Take advantage of this great introductory discounted bundle. It comes with everything you need to start your own Proximity Marketing campaign. You get the AIRcable SmartBeacon with power supply for 110V outlet (for US orders only), a subscription to the Apsima Proximity Marketing platform to manage your campaigns and smartphone applications (iPhone and Android) for your customers.

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