Generic Firmware for AIRcable BLE - iBEACON™ & Eddystone

SmartBeacon - iBeacon

The AIRcable SmartBeacon can be used as a fully configureable, Apple compliant iBeacon®. Apple requires iBeacons to send out an advertisement package every 100ms.

In addition to the standard iBeacon advertisement format package the SmartBeacon provides an additional connect advertisement package as well. Transmitting two packages shortly after each other allows the AIRcable SmartBeacon to wake up devices that are listening for iBeacons as well as allowing them to make connections back to the iBeacon. The back connection can them provide additional information beyond the Major/Minor number inside the iBeacon, e.g. it's name. It can also send sensor data for example or it can provide an icon or URL for a Proximity Marketing solution. See SmartBeacon Peripheral for details.

Setup the SmartBeacon as iBeacon

OK> @bi1
configure the SmartBeacon to send out an iBeacon package every 100ms
OK> @b
check status of the broadcast
broadcast=100ms, type=iBeacon

Setup as Eddystone UID

OK> @be10
configure the SmartBeacon to send out an Eddystone UID package every 1000ms

The Eddystone UID NID and BID are made from the UUID. Use the 'u' command to setup the UUID. When the UUID changes, the transmitted data changes instantly. You can also use the 'pc' command to send out Eddystone UIDs manually.

Setup as Eddystone-URL

OK> @e

configure the URL, must be short (17 char)
OK> @bu5

send the URL every 500ms, type=Eddystone-URL

Configure UUID and Major/Minor Number

OK> @u1234 2345 3456 4567 5678 6789 7890 890aUUID has 8 16 bit numbers, it is used in the iBacon package
OK> @m0123 4567Change the Major and Minor number of the iBeacon

Scanning for iBeacons

Use the SmartBeacon to scan for iBeacons. See Central. 

OK>I2Scan and interprete iBeacons for 2 seconds
iBeacon addr=40446ce289c5 uuid=12342345-3456-4567-5678-67897890890a major=1234 minor=5676 tx=-2 rssi=-34

 For infinite scanning use I59.

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