Generic Firmware for AIRcable BLE - OTA

SmartBeacon OTA

The firmware inside SmartBeacon can be updated over air, OTA. To enter firmware update mode, you use the '@o' command with a certain passcode. The code is different for evey SmartBeacon. 

Once you entered firmware update mode, the SmartBeacon basically switches to the bootloader. The bootloader will accept connections from an OTA application for Windows, and in the future from smartphone applications to receive a new code. Once entering OTA, you must update the firmware with the OTA updater. If the bootloader does not get an update for some time, the SmartBeacon will reboot into normal application mode.

In order to run OTA on Windows, you will need a Bluetooth Low Energy dongle based on the CSR chip. We have one in stock. These are the drivers for the OTA software to work with the dongle.

Please contact use if you plan to update the AIRcable SmartBeacon. 


I> @o

TA... use code 29436

I> @o29436


Use this iPhone application to download from here

Scan this barcode on your iPhone iPhone QR code

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