How to setup the AIRcable Industrial as a Data Relay?

The AIRcable Industrial XR4 can be programmed as a Data Relay for SPP connections.

In this mode the Industrial XR will manage two Bluetooth connections at a time, the incoming connection from the smartphone for example and the connection to the GPS, the sensor or the instrument.

Basically, when the Relay receives the connection from the smartphone, it then makes a new connection to the sensor and routes the data between the two devices.

Since the Industrial has a much better Bluetooth transceiver, the range to each devices improves, up to 10 times per link.

How to setup the Relay?

When you receive the AIRcable Industrial XR4, it usually comes with the Relay code installed already. Plug it into a serial port of a computer and use a terminal emulator at 115200 baud, 8N1, hardware handshake. Then type +++ and enter. It responses with:

Status: 0
Name Filter: SMIL220715
Relay Pair:
PIN: 1234
n: name filter
u: unpair
p: pin
x: reboot
e: exit

You see, the Name Filter is set to the friendly name of the sensor. Check also the PIN code, it needs to match both sides. If all is setup, put the sensor into pairing mode and type 'e' for exit to let the Industrial XR pair with the sensor.

Here is an example how to setup the Relay:

1: set PIN code

p <CR> 1 2 3 4 <CR>

2: set name 

n <CR> AIRserial <CR>
3: just use unpair to restart the scanning process

u <CR>

Now your Relay is scanning, reporting found devices as well as if they match.

If you see


messages on the terminal, the pairing was successful. Now the Relay is ready to receive connections from your device. It shows that with these messages:

A = slave
A successful connection from another device and when it's relaying data shows this message:


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