AIRcable Audio XR4 Review

May 14, 2016

This is the review of the 2016 AIRcable Audio receiver from Wireless Cables Inc. Just like it's elder cousin, the XR4 Host, the Audio XR shares a few similarities, which will be highlighted in this extensive writeup. 

The design is sleek, compact, which fits in the palm of your hand all the while being incredibly powerful. This receiver is built with AIR Cable's proved & patented XR™ long-range technology. I even got the GOLD edition ;-) usually the housing is black.

The unit comprises of several physical key features:

  • Front: multi colored LED (RED/GREEN/BLUE)

  • Back: Mini usb Power Port, Female input jack (3.5mm) (Female Coax Connector)

  • Side: On the sides of the Audio XR are rubber case mounting flanges, these allow the unit to be mounted on to a wall or any other surface area of your choosing.

    Doing so, will allow for improved reception/signal.

Package Contents

  • 1x AIRcable XR Receiver

  • 1x Mini USB Cable

  • 1x COAX cable optimized for S/P DIF digital audio

  • 1x AUDIO 3.5mm barrel plug

  • 1x Rubber Duck (2.4 Ghz) Omni Directional Indoor Antenna 3dBi  - easily interchangeable up to 9dBi

  • 1x 5V Power Supply (USB plug for US customers)  


  • Size: 83mm x 65mm x 23mm

  • Case mounting flanges

  • Industrial operating temperature range -40ºC  85ºC

  • USB mini connector, 5V 300mA

  • Bluetooth Profile: AD2P (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)

Who's It For?

The Audio XR is for those who want to enjoy high quality audio, at home or in the workplace.

Keep your phone in your pocket & enjoy high quality wireless sound, as it was meant to be heard. 

Gone are the days of bulky proprietary docks, which tie you down to one device. The Audio XR can cover all your audio needs. It can be used to stream music to analogue or digital devices, such as PA's (Public Address System), Speakers in all shapes and sizes. 

Compatible with Android, iPad, iPod Surface, PC &any other Bluetooth enabled mp3 player.

The Audio XR can be used as a Wireless Audio Dock/iPod Dock. 

You can relay multiple receivers when combined with the XR4 Host which is especially useful for get-togethers, parties & events/presentations, music festivals,  large or small.  So in short, not only is for personal use, but can be used in the business environment too.

Instructions on how to setup your Audio XR:

First, plug in the 3.5mm audio to RCA jack, into the AIRCABLE receiver’s SP/DIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface Format) digital input jack. 

Second, connect the provided RCA cable into the audio jack, which then the other end goes into an input called Digital Audio.

If you do not have such a connection, you can use a Digital Audio to RCA converter. However this may not be needed as most modern audio devices have a digital input. 

Next plug in the USB provided into a USB port, or if you have a portable battery to hand, you can use that instead. Due to the low power consumption, the portable battery will last for days. Even a small battery lasts for 2 or 3 days. It can also be powered via a DC mains adapter for venues.

When powered on, the Audio XR will begin to flash with a blue LED. Which means it’s ready to be paired with a device of  your choosing. You'll know when the XR has been detected as it will appear

On your devices list as in my case it displays as Audio XR 7703. You can rename it to something more familiar, if you wish to do so. It doesn't even ask for a pin code, using the Simple Secure Pairing from Bluetooth 3.0. This makes this product completely hands-free.


An indicator LED which is  a solid red when supplied with power from a suitable sustainable source.

The stages in which the device will notify you are: 

  • Red with flashing Blue LED - Supplied with power - Audio XR is ready to connect to a speaker source. 

  • Purple-ish (blue&green) with a rapid Blue flash - Audio XR is connected to a speaker & is receiving audio.