AIRcable Extends The Sony Playstation

Extend the Bluetooth range of your PS4 controller

So, is it really possible to extend the Bluetooth range of a Playstation 4 controller with an AIRcable Host XR5?

Although we were not able to use the PS3 controller the PS4 did in fact work. A helpful tip of turning Bluetooth off, then plugging in the AIRcable Host XR5 and then turning Bluetooth back on made the connection.

When we used the PS4 controller with the AIRcable Host XR5 we were able to extract the HID (human interface display) information useful for connecting to Midi, OSC, etc. We are doing this on a MBP with a developer application called Quartz Composer (QC). From the QC patch  we were controlling hardware (Roland V1HD) and software (Madmapper, Modul8, Vezer).

This solution allowed our customer to roam around the whole building, the SXSW event was in, without having to be stuck at the computer. All in all, the event was great success and the AIRcable made it possible.

You need more range too? Get your AIRcable Host XR5 here.