AIRcable Host XR4

Real World Range Tests

Here we present real world tests using the AIRcable Host XR4 long range Bluetooth transceiver in an typical outdoor environment. The goal was to achieve maximum range between certain locations and device a user can carry to different locations, e.g. a key chain.

We place the Host XR4 with a standard 4 inch 3dBi antenna.

  • on a desk inside a building

  • at a window, but still inside the building

  • on the top of a parked car

The second device was held in hand, 1.3m above ground.

Here are the results:

  • range of 1km is achievable in open field with no obstructions, specifically from bushes and trees

  • 300m-500m range in even difficult situations

To achieve better range, placement of the antenna is crucial. At over 1km distance, the Fresnel Zone is the limiting factor. Antenna needs to be placed above 2m over ground. With that, a stronger 9dBi antenna on both ends extends the range to over 2km.

Scenario 1: Soccer Field