Bluetooth Mesh Standard Published

AIRcable Press Release


Dr. Juergen Kienhoefer, CEO
Wireless Cables Inc.

Wireless Cables Inc Announces Bluetooth Mesh Products
Long-range Bluetooth company creates unique solutions with the new standard

Campbell, CA: Today, Wireless Cables Inc. announces a range of products and services based on the Bluetooth mesh standard. Industrial customers will be able to create new sensor and control solutions with tight security and reliable communication to solve complex range and limit problems. In addition, integration products with existing network infrastructure will keep the high mesh security intact.

After developing the first pre-standard mesh products over two years ago Wireless Cables Inc.'s products can now interact with other standard compliant hardware and software solutions for mesh communication. The new AIRcable™ Mesh products will be available in the 4th quarter of 2017. Wireless Cables Inc. allows its customers to preview the new products, based on the pre-release Bluetooth mesh standard, already on its web store. The AIRcable MiniMesh is a serial-to-mesh interface that does not require connections. For industrial customers this product allows existing machines and sensors to publish their state in the mesh network. The AIRcable Gateway makes mesh communication secure over the Internet allowing interaction between mesh devices and software solutions for control and data logging.

Of the Bluetooth mesh standard announcement of the Bluetooth SIG, Dr. Juergen Kienhoefer, CEO of Wireless Cables Inc. said: "For us, Bluetooth mesh is the future. This new standard allows us to solve more and complex communication, security and range limits for our customers. You can expect more and more products from us based on this standard. We are fully committed to Bluetooth mesh."

About Wireless Cables Inc.: Wireless Cables Inc. designs, manufactures and sells long-range Bluetooth®-based products for the industrial market under the brand name AIRcable. since founded 2003, Wireless Cables Inc. is selling a range of long-range Bluetooth based products for industrial use. It has the longest FCC certified Bluetooth range of 10km.