Our Next Generation: AIRcable Serials

Low Power, High Speed, Every Patform, Cheaper

Introducing: The new AIRcable Serials.

The next generation of our AIRcable Serial products is based on Bluetooth Low Energy. The main advantage is, that this type of wireless protocol is available on every platform, iOS, Android, Linux and now also on  the Chrome browser independent of the operating system. 

Also available as a module for your own development.


  • Connect your sensor or machine to any device (PC, server, smartphone etc.)

  • Generic high speed asynchronous data transmission (9600-115200 baud)

  • Fully secure communication, all encrypted

  • Automatic cloud integration without setup (the AIRcable Gateway)

  • For sensor applications, multiple receivers easy

  • Extremely low power consumption (energy harvesting)

  • Connectionless with unlimited range, relays built into every mesh node

  • Connection oriented with standard GATT profile

AIRcable MiniMesh

This is the AIRcable MiniMesh, a simple asynchronous serial to BLE interface.
It takes power from pin 9 of the DB9 connector to run.

Over the air, it shows up as a GATT Server, allowing standard GATT connections, but with a password for secure communication.

If not connected, the AIRcable MiniMesh acts as a Bluetooth mesh node.

Data received from the serial port is published on the mesh, with high CSRmesh encryption. Without the network key, nobody can decrypt the messages. The advantage is that you don't need a connection, and several devices, e.g. displays, smartphones, or Internet cloud connections (e.g. AIRcable Gateway) can receive the data at the same time. For more information see here.

Make a connection with the AIRcable SPP-over-GATT application, and you communicate directly one-on-one.

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Source Code Available

Wireless Cables Inc developed a hybrid BLE connection application for the AIRcable MiniMesh and the other products. It looks just like a terminal emulator, a good example to show the performance of the products.

The source code for the SPP-over-GATT application is available on Github.

It's easy to modify the source code to change the way the data is displayed. You can create your own visualization of the data, e.g. weight scale display, or a graph for the temperature data.

Both native and Web Bluetooth is supported, the same source code can be compiled for Chrome, iOS and Android.

Written with the most modern application framework, Ionic, it is also available as a Starter on the Ionic Marketplace as well as a native app on the Apple iTunes store for iOS.

On Android and Chrome just click here.