Proximity Marketing

With the SuperBeacon

New Style Proximity Marketing

With Eddystone-url

The Physical Web is Google's the new way to promote business and information available around you. It is called Eddystone URL. Our new version of the SuperBeacon can now also transmit Eddystone URL messages at a much higher output power to cover hundreds of meters in range. 

To configure it to transmit our web site you issue commands on it's serial port:

> @e
> @bu5
It only needs to be done once. The SuperBeacon stores that information in NVM. This is a more secure Eddystone product, since a physical connection is required to change settings. It's not possible to do that wirelessly.

This transmits an Eddystone every 500ms to smartphones. To enable your device to wake up on Eddystone reception, visit Google's configuration page for Android and iPhone here.

The URL has to be pretty short. Only 17 characters can be transmitted by a single beacon. You can use URL shortener services to configure a longer URL. In fact, using this service will allow you to manage your marketing campaign. 

Assuming you advertise your "free drink, when you come in" campaign during the week, a service, such as will link that to the page you show on the week days and you can change that for the weekend.