This is our new website

ODOO, our future for AIRcable

We have searched for a very long time for a web site site design system as well as a shopping cart implementation, we can rely on for years to come. We started with osCommerce, switched to ZenCart and then to OpenCart. All with relatively simple requirements:

  • able to edit web pages for our products, information and support

  • have products online people can buy, select shipping options and pay for

  • print shipping labels for orders

Should not be that difficult, you say. But it has been very costly in the last 12 years. Web site editing requires professional help and very low level knowledge of web programming languages (php, js, css, html, ...). Most of that edited with text editors, maybe with a bit help of Dreamweaver or Coda.

First we built our web site with osCommerce and switched to ZenCart. These are very much standard. OpenCart with a great theme from Paulinka brought the best experience. But it's still standard Bootstrap, with editing css files as well as php based. We also bought some theme implementations from Metronics through Envato.com, with super experience. 

All those great Bootstrap themes and open source cart systems look nice at the end, but they are very difficult to maintain. It was just not the experience we were looking for. Then we stumbled across the Indiegogo campaign for Odoo themes. This was the start of a whole new experience.

Odoo is built just like Django, based on Python on the server end. With uwsgi, or with the wsgi module on Apache, you can achieve the performance of a web site that is required for your customers. We use OSX Server on a Mac, and it works great.

Odoo is the right way to make a web site editable (Website Builder module), a nice eCommerce system with cart etc. (eCommerce module), payment system with credit card processing (Authorize.net) and Paypal as well as shipping backend by Kyle Waid, called omniship. 

Now we've got pretty much every thing we need for our customers, so they can:

  • edit web pages inline

  • create products

  • customers select shipping and checkout with paypal and credit card

  • backend: create shipping label