AIRcable USBP5

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    USB Bluetooth-to-Serial Interface

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    Instant Benefit: full automatic connection

    This product will help integrators to save big on support costs. It automatically makes wireless connections to medical devices, GPS receivers, bar code scanners, credit card readers, and more. Use two and you can instantly connect two PCs, securely and fast.

    Wireless USB-to-Serial

    The AIRcable USBP5 is the USB part of a wireless USB-to-Serial cable. It presents itself as a virtual COM port to the PC. The USBP5 is preprogrammed to automatically make connections to AIRcable MiniP5 devices or any other SPP device. It runs all the wireless connection software on the module and can be configured for any use. There is no wireless software required that must be installed on the PC.

    Fully Programmed & Configureable

    The AIRcable USBP5 just needs to be configured for any Wifi, SPP or BLE type connections. It also support the Wifi mesh WISH as well as the BLE CSRmesh. It contains a full web server with captive portal and serves pages with an xterm for manual communications. Sockets are available as well.


    Automatic wireless connectivity without the need for Bluetooth software, makes connections to AIRcable Serial or others.


    Easily makes Serial-USB conections all on its own


    Talks to any standard Wifi, BLE and BR device and supports the SPP (serial port profile)


    Robust, interference resistant connection for fast data rate over 10MBit/s on Wifi


    The AIRcable USBP5 comes pre-configured to automatically connect to other AIRcable modules which allows customers to very easily create serial-to-USB wireless cable replacements without configuration using the AIRcable MiniP5.

    Furthermore the AIRcable Serial-USB™ can be configured in any modes all our AIRcable products support, such as 1:1 or 1:many or many:1 type of connections. This mode (service-master) allows you can change the hout reconfigure the USB5.  

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