AIRcable Serial5

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    Serial-to-Bluetooth Interface
    FCC ID: SQCACC1600

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    Intelligent Bluetooth-to-Serial

    The AIRcable Serial5 is an intelligent Bluetooth-to-Serial interface, which eliminates the need for cables.


    Fully Customizable

    Outside switches for baud rate and handshake.

    Master and Slave

    Manages incoming connection, makes connections, discovers devices, easy pairing.

    BASIC Interpreter

    Runs cable replacement code by default. Create your own app that does anything you want.

    Complete RS232

    Hardware handshake RTS/CTS as well as DTR/DSR available. 

    Need a battery for autonomous operation?

    Need More range?

    Pre-configured & Ready for Action

     The AIRcable Serial5 is our, next-generation serial product, designed for optimizing Serial-to-Bluetooth connections. With outside switches you select most baud rate settings as well as hardware handshake. But it is so much more than just a connection device.

    The preinstalled cable replacement application, like other applications used in mobile phones, allows zero-configuration use as "service-slave". Incoming serial connections from other Bluetooth devices only need a PIN code. Through a simple command line interface CLI it configures into a secure one-to-one slave or various master modes, managing connections itself.

    Fully Programmable & Configureable

    The AIRcable Serial5 is programmed in BASIC and available for you (the customer) to adapt it to your particular application and needs.

    The AIRcable Serial5 runs the latest AIRcable OS Operating System that allows complete customization including automatic and selective connections, configuration of PIN code, authentication, name, terminal lines etc. see programming manual. See the open source project for a snapshot of what has already been developed for the AIRcable OS!

    The AIRcable Serial5 has external baud rate switches for 4800 - 115200 baud and a hardware handshake disable switch so it can be used in 3 wire serial connection applications. It can perform between 1200 and 460800 baud.

    Feature Title

    Odoo CMS- Sample image floatingThe AIRcable Serial5 module has a male type DB9 connector. It includes our special null-modem adapter to adapt to a female type connector. This adapter also supports power through pin-9 of the DB9.

    In addition the module can be set into 5 different modes which allows it to be independent. Default is the "service-slave" mode, allow any incoming connections with PIN code authentication. 

    Feature Title

    The AIRcable Serial5 requires external power (min 5V, max 15V) through the DC jack. It can also be powered through pin 9 of the DB9 connector (DC 5-15V). 

    See power plug information. 

    Every AIRcable Serial5 ships with a free null-modem adapter that is used to convert the male serial plug to a female serial plug, a USB-power plug cable.

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