AIRcable Audio XR

AIRcable Audio XR

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Bluetooth Long Range Audio Receiver

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Long-range Stereo Audio Receiver

Listen to your iPhone, iPad and Android on your home stereo system at much longer range.

The AIRcable Audio XR can be used as a Bluetooth audio receiver on your home stereo system. It receives stereo audio via Bluetooth A2DP profile from many cell phones, Androids, PCs, iPad, iPhone and other MP3 players.

It connects to the stereo system via coaxial digital S/P DIF using a single RCA coaxial plug. This allows better audio quality between this high power Bluetooth radio and the stereo system.

Using our long range Bluetooth radio, cell phones can be much further away than using other Bluetooth audio receiver. We measured up to 50m from an Android smartphone to this A2DP receiver.

Feature List

  • Stand-alone A2DP receiver, SBC and MP3 decoder
  • USB 5V power supply
  • Standard 3.5mm connector for coax digital S/P DIF output
  • Converter from coax digital S/P DIF to analog audio is available

Home Audio Solution

  • Your PC has the music but it is in another room? No problem. Connect your PC's audio to your home stereo system using AIRcable Audio XR and the AIRcable Host XR3 (optional) on your PC. Now you enjoy your iTunes music on your stereo in the living room.
  • Use it as a Wireless iPod Dock. Keep your iPod Touch or cell phone in your pocket and enjoy your music.
  • Use your Android cell phone to play music or Pandora Radio at a great distance to your home stereo system.