AIRcable MeshBridge

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    Bluetooth SmartMesh Bridge

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    SmartPhone to SmartMesh Interface (CSR style)

    The AIRcable SmartBridge implements three features:

    • it allows Android and iPhone apps to control the smart mesh
      (GATT and iBeacon® bearer)

    • it repeats smart mesh packets for increased range (relay)

    • it prints all mesh packets on its serial port (sniffer)

    In smart mesh terms, the product implements the GATT Bearer for the smart mesh access service. Android and iPhone connects to it and are now able to transmit and receive SmartMesh packets. This is still necessary, because neither iOS nor Android can directly interact (transmit) with the smart mesh.

    In addition, the AIRcable SmartBridge implements the iBeacon Bearer for the iPhone native mesh application. No connection to the SmartBridge is required, but it is able to recognize smart mesh packets wrapped into an iBeacon and retransmits it as a standard mesh packet.

    The AIRcable SmartBridge also transmits an Eddystone URL that leads Android to the AIRcable smart mesh controller app for Chrome. To enable the WebBluetooth feature in Chrome V52 and above click here.

    For testing and spying on your smart mesh, the AIRcable SmartBridge prints all decrypted mesh packets on its serial port (sniffer). This function is only active when the bridge has been associated to a mesh. Data from other mesh networks with different network key will not be printed.

    Use it like this anywhere in the house for increased range.

    • Associate to a net with ECDH key exchange

    • GATT service UUID: 0xFEF1

    • Adverts: 620ms +- 10ms random

    • Eddystone URL (

    • Security: 128bit AES+HMAC

    • TX: 5dBm

    • RX: -92dBm

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