AIRcable SuperBridge

AIRcable SuperBridge

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High Power Smart Mesh Bridge and Relay

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Management Free, Stand Alone

A smart mesh relay picks up all mesh packets and checks if it can decrypt those. Packets that are member of this mesh network key are then automatically relayed and it's time-to-live counter is decremented. This way, it acts as a management free relay for your mesh. Just deploy and provide USB power. Done.

The SuperBridge is offering:

  • Stand alone, just needs power, no configuration or management in the field

  • Relay mesh packets at higher power and range

  • Checks and decrypts only mesh network key members

  • Provides mesh Bearer service for Android and Chrome app (GATT service)

  • Repeats iBeacon wrapped mesh packets (for iPhone)

  • Eddystone-URL transmit for web app access

Long Range

The radio in this SuperBridge is our famous long range Bluetooth transceiver. It has a superior receive sensitivity of over -102dBm sensitivity. Output power is configureable between 0dBm and 20dBm.