CSR Development Kit

CSR Development Kit

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Firmware Development for AIRcable BLE Modules

This easy to use but yet comprehensive BLE development kit is perfect for designers who need to implement their Bluetooth Smart for the FCC and BQB certified AIRcable BLE module quickly and then move quickly to production. It allows development for the CSR1010, CSR1011 and CSR1012 processors.

Product Highlights

Complete tools for firmware development and test

  • Target board with CSR uEnergy IC on reference module
  • USB programming interface and interfaces for breaking out I/O to application-specific sensors and actuators
  • Chips CSR1010, CSR1011 and CSR1012 variants available
  • Fully licensed CSR xIDE software development environment
  • Example applications for popular Bluetooth Smart profiles
  • Example host applications for iOS and Android platforms
  • Datasheets for CSR µEnergy ICs
  • Hardware design guidelines
  • Manufacturing packs for module reference designs
  • Production test and configuration tools

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