Omni Antenna, 9dBi

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    Omni 9dBi Antenna

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    Our strongest Omni-antenna available.

    This 9dBi antenna is focusing the signal horizontally 360º, like a donut, and thus creates a about 8 times stronger signal.

    If you replace our 3dBi with this one, you can expect about twice the range. Keep it perfectly vertical, the beam is only 12º.

    YOU ASKED FOR IT: back at a lower price!

    These compact 2.4GHz omni-directional "rubber-duck" antenna provide increased coverage with 9 dBi gain. These antennas have a coaxial sleeve design with an omni-directional pattern. Antennas are really just reflectors. The gain comes from focusing the signal to a certain location.

    Here, think of it like a light-house pattern, all horizontal, not much vertical range. For use with the AIRcable Industrial, AIRcable Host XR and AIRcable Serial5X and certainly for our long range Bluetooth Low Energy products, e.g. the AIRcable SuperBeacon.

    The antenna features a tilt-and-swivel reverse-polarity RP-SMA connector, allowing them to be used perfectly vertically, even upside-down. The connector is directly compatible with all our AIRcable products.

    Specification: length 14in/380mm with 9dBi gain (DA-24-03).