AIRcable MiniMesh

AIRcable MiniMesh

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Bluetooth SmartMesh Serial-to-Mesh Interface

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Universal Serial-to-GATT and Mesh

The MiniMesh is a hybrid GATT and mesh product. It is universal, using standard RS232 serial data to mesh data interface for industrial sensor, machine and async serial. Small and powerful, allows 1:1, 1:N, N:1 and N:M type communication using the mesh.

Using the Bluetooth mesh, you never have range problems again. The mesh relays data automatically and directs it to wherever the data is needed. It implements the high security features of the mesh. 

It also supports a standard GATT protocol for direct, connection oriented communication. In addition, the high security features of the mesh are required for the GATT connection. We published a simple terminal application here on the web site you can use to make connections. It is also available for iOS natively here.

Wide Range of Hardware Features

  • Serial Port Profile over GATT, highest speed 7.5ms connection interval

  • Same secure pass key required for connections as for the CSRmesh

  • Dynamic baud rate, 9600 - 115200 baud

  • CSRmesh communication when not connected via GATT

  • Many devices can receive serial data: "1 : n"

  • No more range problems: CSRmesh packets are relayed over distance, through other mesh nodes

  • Power supply over pin 9 of the DB9, very wide range 3.8V - 28.0V, only 13mA

  • Real +- 5.5V RS232 voltage generators

For details see the app documentation or download the iPhone app from the iTunes store.